Tadpoles Room Tour

Age Range:

14-24 months

Class Size


Class Duration

8am - 6:00pm
8am - 1:00pm
1pm - 6:00pm

Room Leader


Team Members


The Tadpoles room is inviting and airy with plenty of opportunities for children to get snug with a book and have cuddles with staff. There are plenty of toys and activities to explore, be imaginative with and develop all areas of their learning. We have structured ‘group times’ where we sing songs and action rhymes to encourage communication and for the children to express themselves and play alongside each other. All members of staff are trained in baby signing and it is often taught to the babies to help them communicate.

The ratio of staff to children in Tadpoles is three children to one member of staff but with 5 members off staff in the room we are often well above ratio.

We create care routines that are adapted to each individual child’s needs and every effort is made on a daily basis to ensure parents wishes are adhered to as much as possible within nursery whilst their child is being cuddled and cared for!