Kate Sutcliffe

We couldn’t be happier with how Millie has progressed and settled into nursery. Even when she joined initially during the COVID period Millie settled very quickly. All the staff are always welcoming and polite. Millies loves nursery and the activities which are provide Millie loves to get involved with and talks about at home. The nursery communicates lots of information with us and always ask about any changes we have made for Millie and her diet at home and support the changes at nursery. We couldn’t be happier with The Limes for Millie. Thanks

Abigail Maddern

I just wanted to share how much I love Limes and how much it has shaped my little boy into the person he is now. He started at 7 months and went until starting school last September and I was honestly so sad to see him leave, but so proud of how much he had developed. Every class/room within nursery has amazing staff and I never had any issues with leaving him there, so much so that my daughter now goes at 8 months old. It's hands down the best place for little people 🙂

Eleanor Rushton

Both my children are happy and settled at nursery. All the staff have made them feel safe and secure and they enjoy coming. I am kept up to date with their progress through the Family App and speak to their key workers daily. The staff know my children well and ensure they are meeting all their needs. The staff plan exciting and challenging activities that keep them engaged and take them out on regular trips. I would always recommend Little People at The Limes to any parents needing a local nursery.

Kelly and Andy Hamilton

I would like to let the Ofsted inspector know that I think the nursery is fantastic. Sam clearly has a good rapport with staff and especially his key workers despite only attending a couple of days a week in term time. The feedback we receive from his key workers is good and we feel they know our child well and boost his learning and development. We recently saw some staff from Sam's old room on the park with some children and Sam loved this. The girls communicated with Sam and he laughed and played with them. Sam feels happy and cared for at nursery and as parents we feel he is safe. Good luck with the inspection.

Chloe Jones

We wanted to share how delighted we are with the care and nurturing you have given both of our children. Isaac is currently in the baby room and he has settled into nursery so well. The staff care for him as if he was their own and its fantastic to see the progress he has made with you all. His talking, walking and development in general has come on leaps and bounds during his time with you. The staff know Isaac so well and we couldn't be happier with the provision you offer. It's great to see his progress on Famly and the pictures sent throughout the day, as well as the records of his sleep, food and nappy changes. Having also experienced provision in Pre-school we were amazed at how much Darcey made progress with her sounds and phonics before starting school and how supportive the staff were in helping her develop, academic, social and emotional skills (and her eating!!) Thank you for all the work you so, we couldn't be happier!

Andrew & Laura Coupe

Even though Jacob has only been attending the nursery for a month, we have both seen his confidence and ability to grow.  His social interractions and general chattiness have developed and these are certainly a result of the wonderful care he receives in Lillypads.  Robyn and Elouise have been fantastic with him and we enjoy the updates that they provide in person and on Family App.  We are confidence that Jacob is well supported and cared for by these wonderful staff.

Amy TurnerParent of Lillie Holt in Lilypads Room.

The Limes is a wonderful nursery.  They have fantastic resources available to all children who attend, my daughter loves engaging in a wide variety of experiences and activities that are provided including sensory play, music, stories, nursery rhymes, outdoor learning, arts and crafts, exploring the local community et cetera.  My daughter has only been attending for a short while however, I can see how much she has progressed in a short amount of time.  At nearly 18 months old, she now sings a variety of mursery rhymes, knows the sounds of different animals and has a love of the outdoors.  I can only thank the Limes for supporting my child to progress so quickly.  The staff who look after my daughter care for her as their own.  They ensured they developed a positive rapport with me from the very beginning, through visits and settling in sessions, where I visited the nursery and met key staff, to taking on board and acting upon everything I have mentioned/asked of them - no matter how small.  The staff give me daily updates on my daugher's day and her progress via drop off/collection and the communication app.  The Limes is a wonderful nursery and we are really lucky to have it in the local area.