Frogs Room Tour

Age Range:

2-3 years

Class Size


Class Duration

8am - 6:00pm
8am - 1:00pm
1pm - 6:00pm

Room Leader

Beth (Nursery SENCO)

Team Members

Charlotte T

In the Frog’s room your child will be introduced to a more structured routine designed to prepare them for their early pre-school year. There is even more room and resources to explore in our sensory area, role play, messy play, construction area, mark making, cosy area and access to a secure outdoor learning area. We provide a safe and stimulating environment to ensure we meet every child’s individual developmental needs. We work at a ratio of 1 to 4 children and can have up to 20 children in our room. Come and see us to pop in for a chat to visit our friendly setting and team